Thursday, 3 November 2011

Intern diary part six: the illustrated how not to make a movie

This along with another small roster of images are what I created to illustrate this short guide written by filmaker Miles Watts of Milestone films. See the link below for the text and image together:

I spent the whole of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, warrened up in my room, at the desk, creating these images- from selecting the right reference material, creating the roughs, making the finished drawings, then editing in photoshop.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Intern diary part five: at the theatre

Last night, I wrote and illustrated a review for 'Six Lips Theatre.' Their new production of 'Close.' Look at The One and Other York site, for my written work, and the sketches in situe.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Intern diary part four: Parliament Street, York

Here are some drawings for the online magazine 'One and Other York,' from the other day, when the French, and others came to town.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Intern diary part three: Glasvegas

Here's a recent piece of work for 'One and Other,' York- a drawing of the Scottish band 'Glasvegas,' for an upcoming article.

The style of this image is in homage to the great comic book artist Carlos Ezquerra.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Intern diary part two: round at the mayor of York's place

Earlier in the week, the plan was that I would go and sketch during Adam Ant's York gig- and possibly get a more detailed drawing of him backstage. Sadly, on Thursday night, I got a message from Vicky, the editor of 'One and Other,' to say that Adam Ant had declined being sketched- even a very quick doodle.

In order to compensate for the lost Adam Ant 'sting,' I was assigned to go a sketch the Mayor of York during interview.

Friday afternoon, I met writer Ben Osborne from 'One and Other,' in front of the mayor's smart Georgion home, 'Mansion House.' Ben and I waited outside the tradesman's entrance, down the side of the mansion, nervously expecting a snooty butler. Instead we were greeted warmly by the mayor himself, who led us up in the lift, to his 'granny flat.'

It felt a little like going to visit your grandad. The mayor chatted amiably about sports he likes, how he's not really into all that art, that gallery stuff.

After a generous amount of time alloted for interview plus sketching, we were given a tour of his extensive house. The moment that will stay with me forever, is when we were shown down the grand staircase, lined with portraits of mayors from hundreds of years past, I reached the bottom step, and tripped on half a jug of orange juice, which had been left there by a servant or steward in absent mindedness. I cringed and apologised in embarrasment, but The Mayor dismissed it with a wave of a hand, and said he'd send someone round to deal with it.

Once we left the sturdy, elegant house, steeped in history, and left the friendly down to earth host, we were back into the street, with throngs of schoolkids from Middlesborough, and day trippers from Toledo and Texas, ambling the gamut of tourist-traps.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stylist Magazine competition entry

I made this image today.

It is my entry for the Stylist Magazine competition to design their 100th issue front cover.

I have used imagery from New York one hundred years ago- from the year 1911. The style from that year was phenomenal, and the early skyscrapers from that early era were the most graceful and elegant. My piece is a tribute to that age, and as an Illustrator, I owe some gratitude to the artists, filmmakers, fashion designers and Illustrators from the 1910s.

Intern diary part one: the York assignments

Yesterday I started my first day as an Illustration Intern at the media organisation 'One and Other York.' Once I had found out that the post was assigned to myself a few days before- I got a selection of papers inks and paints together- and placed this essential desert island collection into a small suitcase. (I am obsessed about being prepared for a new scenario.)

I arrived an hour early near their offices in the new section of York University 'The Ron Cooke Hub,' a large wooden beamed echo chamber moated by a duck pond. My feeling was one of disbelief. I had applied for the intern post a few days before, and hadn't believed I would be accepted. To steady myself, I took an espresso crashed on a couch and glanced through a newspaper.

Eventually I went up to the office- and spoke to the editor Vicky Parry. After a short amiable chat, I got assigned some killer tasks. This Friday I will have a press pass to Adam Ant's York comeback gig, where I will produce some sketches to coincide with the written review of the night.Later on I will sketch the mayor of York and the musician Mark E. Smith during their respective interviews, to fit with the written articles.

I am exited about the other people involved, particularly the Illustrator Michaela Meadow, who will be my colleague over the next three months. It turns out I am already familiar with her work and magazine, which is a bonus(check out her wonderful magazine here:

Anyhow, Michaela and I were given a handful of venues in York to go out and sketch- to use as images to illustrate 'One and Other's' venue guide.

The sketches above are the results of yesterday afternoon- an amble round sunny York, until gales started blowing in front of the Minster and foiled my attempts to continue!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tokyo Arigato project

I recently created this image for a competition for the 'Tokyo Arigato Project.' You may have guessed that the theme of the competition is 'Love,' hence the boy and the girl in a psychedelic setting- love is a drug and all that.

In my haste I didn't realise there was a hefty fee to pay for entering, and since the final prize seems paltry in relation to that, I decided not to enter, but to find another more worthwhile use for this image.

It was a good exercise creating this image- which is a combination of about three different earlier images I've made. I have a tendency to use black ink, so thought I'd give blue ink a chance.

I think my first love is black ink though.

Friday, 9 September 2011

when Leon from Bahrain came to visit

An old pal who studied at Leeds came to visit the other week.

He went back home to Bahrain last September, but came up to the U.K.
for a 2 week visit.

The top image is one of his drawings.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Elise and the actors

The other evening, I went along
to sketch some actors in rehearsal, directed
by Elise Rohde, playwright wunderkind.

They were practising in a room in the music department
of Huddersfield University- an impressive space
with an organ and two grand piano.

Here are the sketches I produced:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I created this for an English national
ballet competition, to design a series
of children's ballets.

This will be judged by Gerald Scarfe, and
seemed like a worthwhile, challenging and
interesting competition to enter.

Please support my entry by voting for it at:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

vote for my entry pretty please!

Follow the link to vote for my entry please!

That will be a massive favour, I will reward you in the afterlife!

Here's the link:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

F is for..

I have written a rhyming alphabet,

to be organised into a book.

I have almost finished the images to
go along with the text.

Here is an unfinished unedited preview of the letter F.