Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Intern diary part one: the York assignments

Yesterday I started my first day as an Illustration Intern at the media organisation 'One and Other York.' Once I had found out that the post was assigned to myself a few days before- I got a selection of papers inks and paints together- and placed this essential desert island collection into a small suitcase. (I am obsessed about being prepared for a new scenario.)

I arrived an hour early near their offices in the new section of York University 'The Ron Cooke Hub,' a large wooden beamed echo chamber moated by a duck pond. My feeling was one of disbelief. I had applied for the intern post a few days before, and hadn't believed I would be accepted. To steady myself, I took an espresso crashed on a couch and glanced through a newspaper.

Eventually I went up to the office- and spoke to the editor Vicky Parry. After a short amiable chat, I got assigned some killer tasks. This Friday I will have a press pass to Adam Ant's York comeback gig, where I will produce some sketches to coincide with the written review of the night.Later on I will sketch the mayor of York and the musician Mark E. Smith during their respective interviews, to fit with the written articles.

I am exited about the other people involved, particularly the Illustrator Michaela Meadow, who will be my colleague over the next three months. It turns out I am already familiar with her work and magazine, which is a bonus(check out her wonderful magazine here: www.magpiemag.net)

Anyhow, Michaela and I were given a handful of venues in York to go out and sketch- to use as images to illustrate 'One and Other's' venue guide.

The sketches above are the results of yesterday afternoon- an amble round sunny York, until gales started blowing in front of the Minster and foiled my attempts to continue!


  1. really really really like these new drawings, John!

  2. Big thanks- Really enjoyed the sunny blustery York afternoon drawing them:-)

  3. Congratulations on getting this internship - sounds great. I really like your architectural drawings, too.