Friday, 20 January 2012

Deep in the Mire: an odessey in music and pictures.

At the beginning of December I was restless for another commission from a band,
and not just an ordinary band. Thankfully Arya Bobaie the Iranian lead singer of Manchester progressive rock band 'Deep in the Mire,' got in touch with me through a recomendation from Wolfgang C. Bailey of the Harrogate band 'Pseudo Nympho.'

Arya provided me with tons of images and ideas to really get stuck into and an ideal theme- that of mythical imagery from ancient Persia. We spent a long time in discussions before the first execution of the image, and once that was produced there were a few changes that needed to be made.

After several weeks, the image is almost there, all the details are in place, and all it needs is for the text to be incorporated. The mythical character is that of the Huma bird, which is the Persian version of the griffin.

The wings with eyes are typical of Greco-Persian imagery, and other details are snippets taken from the Persian mythical canon, which is vast and endlessly fascinating.

In future I will show you the finished image with text, plus the previous versions so watch this space.

Oh...and 'Deep in the Mire' are playing 'The Library' in Leeds tonight- sadly I can't make it there, but there's a strong chance that this Persian Huma bird will get projected up behin Arya and his bandmates.

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