Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy St. George's Day

My grandpop, from Sheringham, Norfolk, loved making wooden toys for me and my siblings. Since it is St. George's day I thought I'd share an image of the St. George and the dragon toys he made, which I loved a great deal. Sadly the dragon is missing a wheel. I'm not sure how St. George's day is celebrated, but apparently, my Lancashire grandad would wear a red rose in his lapel, which of course is both the symbol of England and the symbol of Lancashire. If I go out this evening I will be sporting a red rose in the same fashion. Otherwise I am watching the 1966 film version of the English comic series 'Modesty Blaise,' with a large mug of coffee, some wasabi peas and a chocolate and cream dish. Happy St. George's Day to you all!

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