Saturday, 8 May 2010

John's Journal: day two

So today I was working in the Encounters shop again. Though we had a good amount of visitors through the doors, and some enthusiastic members of the public, the best part of the day, was finding some great books on a second hand stall.

I may sell the book on dancing, though it is characterful. There are always vintage fairs in Leeds, and since I have a fairly good quality collection of vintage clothes items and ephemera, this dancing book is a welcome addition, and will look fantastic on my stall.

The French kid's book will be added to my collection of French language books, especially since I have a small number of picture books in the aforesaid lingo. I am always looking to improve my ability in speaking French, so it is great that I am going to Paris this June. I am also applying to teach English as a foreign language, so if I ever end up teaching English in France, this French kid's book will be much welcomed and needed.

Yes, the shop was not amazing today- there were alot of customers, but not many interesting conversations or moments. However, lots of kids were really into planting sunflower and nasturtium seeds, so I really enjoyed that project.

I'm hoping for a better day next Monday. And as always, Tuesday is screenprinting workshop day-so without fail, that is exiting.

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