Saturday, 31 July 2010

Art in Unusual Spaces: Corn Exchange Leeds: 'quick on the draw'

This was my contribution to the 'quick on the draw' event in The Corn Exchange, Leeds, organised by 'Art in Unusual Spaces.'

This event used the building's circular shape, and the amount of time an artist was allowed to spend on a drawing was dictated to where it would be placed within the circle. So if an artist gets 2 o'clock the artist gets five minutes, and so on.

Thankfully I was given 23 minutes which was stressfull enough! I drew this clown to represent my sadness at how The Corn Exchange has changed so much, since its glory days of alternative quirky stores, comic shops, and goth emporiums. Now it is a souless yuppie dive, with a grey eatery on the lower level, and dull minimalist stores, baby stores, and dresses and beige bags for middle aged women. Gone is the eclectic soul of this place!

So my work is a silent protest.

It was great to see so many familiar faces from the Leeds art 'scene'. Though there is no scene: it was a hugely friendly event. It was good to see once again the artists Drew Millward, Fon Fon, and Krystina Baczynski at work. Afterwards I had a great time with the graffitti guys from 'bestjoinedup' in Milo's, half a pint of lager and a good old natter.

I've just had my feet up reading the final installment of the Scott Pilgrim comics to complete my collection. This addition from Brian Lee O' Malley does not dissapoint. Now there is the film adaptation to watch and the computer game to buy.

All in all a hugely mellow and satisfying day. Art events are always the best.

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