Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cousteau's Lobster

I love Jaques Cousteau, and his love of eating lobsters, so that's why I created this image. He used to go hunting for them at the bottom of the sea, and then share them later on in the day.

Blue is one of my favorite colours, and that's why it is blue.

I am producing some digital prints of these, and I will be selling them online, and through an artsy shop run by Brodie Doyle, of 'bestjoinedup,' the graffiti artist's collective.

Sea animals are so much fun, especially the lobster with its endearing claws. Salvador Dali loved them, and also phones. I once knew a man who had a pet lobster, as well as a pet crab. The crab was a pleasant soul, but the lobster was much more lovely.

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